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What's Your Story?

How many of you enjoy a good story full of juicy details? I’m not talking about gossip; I’m talking about a story of someone’s life. If you do, then you’re in good company. When we get the courage to tell our story, we encourage others to do the same. As people, we're meant to express who we are because it helps us understand that no one is perfect. Your testimony can provide opportunities for others to overcome difficult times in their life. There's comfort in knowing that we can share in our suffering, because we know that we'll come out stronger because of it. Jesus bore the weight of all the negative things that we experience today. It’s because of HIS testimony that we can tell ours! So I encourage you to not be afraid of what people may think of you or your past. Allow God to rewrite your life for you today! Choose to tell people about the love God has given you and see your testimony grow as you do in your walk with Christ. Let the Lord continue to walk you through writing your story so you can begin sharing it with others! Be blessed!


What effect does your past have on your story?

How can your testimony impact other people?

What place does Jesus have in your story currently?

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