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You Can't NOT Worship!! 🤯

“You shall not bow down to them or WORSHIP THEM; for I, Yehovah your God, am a jealous God.” Exodus 20:5

O-M-Goodness!! If it hasn’t done so already, this passage will CRUSH you. It’s the very words of God to his people in the Second Commandment. This particular point of God’s covenant with us reveals something HUGE and I talk all about it in my new video “What is Worship? with Kelly Chichak” linked below. Ok, so here it is: You can’t NOT worship! You head me right and, yes, I did use a double negative in that statement. So in other words, you MUST worship. It’s part of the human condition. That’s what we do. That’s what our heart wants and that’s why God started off his Ten Commandments by starting with the basics. We must not have any other “gods” in his presence. We must not create images of other “gods” with our hands. We must not bow down to them or worship them. Basically we must not worship (value/respect/honor) ANYTHING more than him. Holy cow (pun intended)! What are the things we place before God today? Our time, money, comfort, technology, ego, ideologies, opinions, politics, possessions and personal happiness? These things are our gods and THEY MUST FALL! Worshipping false gods has produced suffering, division, oppression, immorality and confusing religious narratives like evolution. Yet revival is at our door if we REPENT, so call upon the name of Jesus right now remembering that YOU CAN’T NOT WORSHIP!


Why do you think people are so disposed to worship?

Have you ever been guilty of worshipping a false God? Name three idols in our modern culture.

Watch my new video “What Is Worship? with Kelly Chichak” linked below and explain what true worship looks like!

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