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Everyone Who Calls on Jesus Will Be Saved!

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!” Acts 2:21

Happy Saturday friends! Have you ever felt like just a face in the crowd? Currently there are about eight billion people living on the earth. Yet the crazy thing is that God offers EVERYONE an opportunity to receive Jesus. Crazy right?! In ancient times, God worked primarily through one people to bring about his blessings on the earth. This was all part of his plan to bring light into the world. At the same time, God’s slowly developing strategy left everyone else feeling alienated from him and indeed they were. In fact, did you know that without Jesus presence in your life and the Holy Spirit in your heart you cannot experience God’s blessings or spend eternity with him? That’s just downright scary! Yet God sent Jesus to give EVERYONE an invitation to the party. That’s what Peter boldly shouted to the crowd in Acts 2:21. He was quoting an Old Testament prophet named Joel who looked forward by hundreds of years to the days of Jesus and the early church. The great news is that these things still apply in our time. Today, God does not make a distinction between black and white, male and female, rich and poor, weak or strong, college education or high school diploma. The same God is Lord of ALL who call on his name. If you’ve never done so, call on the name of the Lord today and receive Jesus as Savior so that you might be saved and let me know if you do!!


What does it mean to you that God offers his salvation free of charge to everyone who has faith?

What does God’s open invitation of salvation say about the prejudices we often see in our world?

How can you share this message of God’s hope with someone today?

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