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Put Some HARD in Your Core

Verse for the Week: "Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always." -1 Chronicles 16:11

Study Reference for Small Groups: Joshua 14:10-13

Good afternoon friends! According to numerous health specialists, the muscles that make up our core are some of the most important in the entire body! Think about it- the torso acts as a connector between the upper and lower halves of our bodies. So, without a strong core, our entire way of moving is drastically impacted!In the book of Joshua 14:10-13, we see an 85-year-old Caleb savagely displaying his HARDCORE spirit. Even at this stage of the game, he’s ready for battle!What’s keeping you from strengthening your core? Are you struggling to fight the battle in front of you? Well, there is a perfect solution! Jesus Christ can and will equip you with the proper gear to resist the temptations of this world. He has the strength and solidity to make your core stronger than it’s ever been. And here is the best part... He wants to do it for you!So, I encourage you to set aside time to get HARDCORE. Strengthen your spiritual muscles by praying to God. Sharpen your hearing by seeking wisdom. Become more fluid with your functions. Cancel out all of the negative noise and hone in on His holy word. There is no need to avoid the battlefield any longer because the battle has already been won through Christ Jesus.


How HARD is your core? What can you do to strengthen your core?

When was the last time you had a spiritual workout?

Understand the toughness you can obtain in Christ. Continually ask for ways to build your strength. How can you consciously apply them to your everyday life?

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